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Salumi, defined

“As Life’s pleasures go, food is second only to sex.  Except for salami and eggs.  Now that’s better than sex.  But only if the salami is thickly sliced.” -Alan King, Comedian Thought: If… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food Philosophy

Philosophy??  Here goes: (a lot can be summed in my first hunt) I don’t want to just take an animal’s life and pose with the trophy – that’s empty.  Like just getting the punchline… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food First Dinner part 2

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy. -Frank Sinatra   (there would have been more pictures from the dinner, but blame the alcohol!) Otherwise, here’s a few… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food first dinner part 1

The thought behind this dinner was to cook dishes never tried, and pair together similar ideas: i.e. Uni, Wagyu, Bone Marrow (fatty + rich), iberico (cured land animal) versus fresh sea animal (yellowfin… Continue reading

Love of Food p 3

3 more reasons why I LOVE the Pursuit of Food!!! Tranquility… Insanity… Victory!!!!!!!!

Love of Food p 2

part 2 Boat – island – animals pretty much perfection personified: ocean, sky, sunset, and fresh yellowtail 😉 poor picture quality (screencaps from video) – filleting yellows Yellowtail, grouper

Ito the Hunting dog (Video)

Hello, my name is Ito the Shiba Inu hunting dog. And this is my story of a random day of badassedness. Yo dog, Yes, I YAM handsome!  You like my fur?  That pickup… Continue reading

Would you like Pizza and a Duck?

(going out of order, part 3 of piggly wiggly hunt will come later) It was clear to me by the demeanor of the racist tow yard supervisor that he was either constipated or… Continue reading

The Making of LARDO from a Pig Hunt (part 1)

WARNING?  (Graphic pictures) You don’t need a warning. You already know what this blog is about.  Two cups of coffee, Nine shots of espresso, a six-pack of celebratory beer at 2pm, and now my… Continue reading