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Wild Ducks

There’s a fine balance in cooking wild duck – if you take ducks too far in cooking they can taste livery.  So you either cook it rare or ‘overcook it’ until it becomes… Continue reading

Sometimes there are no words

Every hunt is different.  Every sunrise and sunset – beautiful.  I LOVE the hunt!!!!!  Whether I come home with something or not.   This was the landscape I saw Monday at sunset.  Bow… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food Philosophy

Philosophy??  Here goes: (a lot can be summed in my first hunt) I don’t want to just take an animal’s life and pose with the trophy – that’s empty.  Like just getting the punchline… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food First Dinner part 2

Alcohol may be man’s worst enemy, but the Bible says love your enemy. -Frank Sinatra   (there would have been more pictures from the dinner, but blame the alcohol!) Otherwise, here’s a few… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food first dinner part 1

The thought behind this dinner was to cook dishes never tried, and pair together similar ideas: i.e. Uni, Wagyu, Bone Marrow (fatty + rich), iberico (cured land animal) versus fresh sea animal (yellowfin… Continue reading

The Difference

Between me and most people is- i dont see a dead pig, I see 250 pounds of bacon, sausage, pork roasts, bone on pork chops, ham hocks. I feel like Bubba Gump right… Continue reading

TrueOrganicMovement – Operation: Ram – Part 1

No writing for this one. Just pix.  Wait for the food to come! taking meehan to hunt again he’s addicted now Pursuit of food, homey.  Rams stick. found a dead pig. canon g11… Continue reading

The Making of LARDO from a Pig Hunt (part 1)

WARNING?  (Graphic pictures) You don’t need a warning. You already know what this blog is about.  Two cups of coffee, Nine shots of espresso, a six-pack of celebratory beer at 2pm, and now my… Continue reading

First Hunt

picture above: Rams hillside in the morning My parents aren’t hunters. My Grandparents aren’t hunters.  Even my GREAT grandparents weren’t hunters.  But somewhere along the line, maybe two-THOUSAND years ago, my ancestahs was… Continue reading