Cedros Island

This last trip was a trip taken with a few burners private plane onto an island with a small runway.  It’s not foo foo, we almost died because the pilot was incompetent!  old camera.… Continue reading

Bestia opened Friday!

My photo.  Yay for Bestia’s Opening Friday!  Our Pizza dough is alive again. Downtown Los Angeles: Bestia – 2121 E 7th Place Los Angeles, CA 90021 http://www.lamag.com/digest-blog/2012/11/26/bestia-opens-its-doors-yelpers-go-crazy

Hunting for Scallops

Hunting for scallops is like playing in an Easter egg hunt.  The treasure you’re looking for is the orange “lip” that is on the edge of the shell (unpictured directly below – pictured… Continue reading

Beef Pictures & Wine Pairing list

I’ll be doing a post on beef shortly.  For now… DROOL at the possibilities of FOOD & WINE pairings ^^ I saved a Robert Parker wine pairing list a while ago.  Here it… Continue reading

Boulder Valley Prime Rib & Wine

one of the Catena wines brought home from Argentina Dry Aged Boulder Valley Beef. always a food celebration when my brother comes to town.  Trim the outside dried meat…and you get… salt, pepper,… Continue reading

70 pounds of Duck Confit

My friend walked into my kitchen and said, where are you gonna store 70 pounds of duck legs? Um, in mah belly! 37 hour process for great duck confit.  prepare salt, cook low… Continue reading

Opening of BESTIA!!!

The official opening of our restaurant BESTIA (November 23, 2012) is preceded by 4 weeks of Test Kitchen – a fun social event that brings a different chef every night.  Chefs ranging from… Continue reading

Sometimes there are no words

Every hunt is different.  Every sunrise and sunset – beautiful.  I LOVE the hunt!!!!!  Whether I come home with something or not.   This was the landscape I saw Monday at sunset.  Bow… Continue reading

Breaking in the Acunto Pizza Oven from Naples! Pictures and Video (HD) from Bestia

      The Acunto goes to +/- 1200 degrees. It weighs close to 3000kg and is a monumental piece of equipment and a work of art.  We had to use a crane… Continue reading