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Video is up

    Pursuit of Food Leveled UP with VIDEO!!!  Click the new website  

Eating with our Hands; Pizza & tonnato(tuna)

“Why do you think I’m getting fat, I eat pizza every day for the last 16 months trying to perfect the dough.” ~Perfectionist & Chef Ori Menashe, Los Angeles in March, 2012 For… Continue reading

Salumi, defined

“As Life’s pleasures go, food is second only to sex.  Except for salami and eggs.  Now that’s better than sex.  But only if the salami is thickly sliced.” -Alan King, Comedian Thought: If… Continue reading

Phoken good Pho (recipe)

If you were to come and tell me that there were a better Mac and Cheese than Kraft’s Cheesiest, I’d send you to the mental institution.  You Crazy!  The Mac and Cheese I… Continue reading

San Francisco Eating

“Reading goes faster if you don’t sweat comprehension. -Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes   Once in a while I’ll take a trip and eat around a city.  Nothing was killed on this 2 day… Continue reading

Dinner for 10 pictures

Cooked a dinner for someone I used to watch on MTV! (Suchin Pak!)  It was an absolute blast, a sweet kitchen and very nice guests who enjoy eating for 3+ hours 🙂 The… Continue reading


When the wind blows at this particular location from east to west, the pigs cannot smell us.  Their large eyes that look like human eyes cuando los ojos sacarian (round, not slanty) >.<… Continue reading

Eat Fresh Meat

Fresh > Frozen. The opportunities are endless!!!!!!

Boar, arrows, food

On camera the other day with a film crew, I shot a pig with a bow and arrow.  It was a heart shot that penetrated the belly of the pig and pierced perfectly… Continue reading