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Ito the Hunting dog (Video)

Hello, my name is Ito the Shiba Inu hunting dog. And this is my story of a random day of badassedness. Yo dog, Yes, I YAM handsome!  You like my fur?  That pickup… Continue reading

Knife inspired dinner

The other day I opened an egg and it had two yolks in it.  It could have been twinnie chickens but instead it became a high cholesterol scramble.  Like most of my posts,… Continue reading

More Boar food

Eating from Above Land, Underground(potatoes), Air and Sea! Earth’s bounty is amazing if you open your eyes and see for yourself!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Homemade, handpicked, fished, and hunted! Homemade bomb (as in AMAZING, not… Continue reading

Boar, arrows, food

On camera the other day with a film crew, I shot a pig with a bow and arrow.  It was a heart shot that penetrated the belly of the pig and pierced perfectly… Continue reading

TrueOrganicMovement – Operation: Ram – Part 1

No writing for this one. Just pix.  Wait for the food to come! taking meehan to hunt again he’s addicted now Pursuit of food, homey.  Rams stick. found a dead pig. canon g11… Continue reading

Grand Opening: Boar Butcher Shop!

If you missed Part 1 of Russian Boar, go back.  Anyway, Welcome to my butcher shop 🙂 At this property, there have been a few logistical problems when we have a successful hunt.… Continue reading

Russian Boar Hunt

will do  ^ Every so often you have to make that important phone call early Monday morning. Erez: HhhhhhALLLO?? Me: Erez, let’s go hunting. Erez(the Israeli about to turn 50 curly haired dude… Continue reading

On Food & Hunting Community

It’s 10:30AM Monday morning, and my ecstatic customer and now friend yells through the phone line that the Palos Verdes Peninsula in Southern California has “epic visibility!” and this morning was one of… Continue reading

First Hunt

picture above: Rams hillside in the morning My parents aren’t hunters. My Grandparents aren’t hunters.  Even my GREAT grandparents weren’t hunters.  But somewhere along the line, maybe two-THOUSAND years ago, my ancestahs was… Continue reading