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Wild Ducks

There’s a fine balance in cooking wild duck – if you take ducks too far in cooking they can taste livery.  So you either cook it rare or ‘overcook it’ until it becomes… Continue reading

Sometimes there are no words

Every hunt is different.  Every sunrise and sunset – beautiful.  I LOVE the hunt!!!!!  Whether I come home with something or not.   This was the landscape I saw Monday at sunset.  Bow… Continue reading

My Toolbox to catch dinner

Welcome to my toolbox 10.1.2012, in pictures These are some of the tools I use to catch, then cut up my dinner.  Sumora is my Spearfishing company.   Sumora Stealth Spearguns (great for… Continue reading

Dinner for 10 pictures

Cooked a dinner for someone I used to watch on MTV! (Suchin Pak!)  It was an absolute blast, a sweet kitchen and very nice guests who enjoy eating for 3+ hours 🙂 The… Continue reading

Wild Boar Food: Seasonal Nuts part 1

On the private properties where the pigs come down to feast, there are ripe almond groves that go on for miles.  And where those groves end, uniformed rows of fresh, green pistachio trees… Continue reading

Pursuit of Food first dinner part 1

The thought behind this dinner was to cook dishes never tried, and pair together similar ideas: i.e. Uni, Wagyu, Bone Marrow (fatty + rich), iberico (cured land animal) versus fresh sea animal (yellowfin… Continue reading

The Difference

Between me and most people is- i dont see a dead pig, I see 250 pounds of bacon, sausage, pork roasts, bone on pork chops, ham hocks. I feel like Bubba Gump right… Continue reading

Successful Hunt!!!!!!

3 months of complete FAILURE for wild boar hunting – missed opportunities, No opportunities, biffed opportunities, makes the Moment of success Sooo sweet. many plates of wild boar Ragu, Salami, Braised shoulders, Porchetta,… Continue reading

Wildboar Shoulder + menu for your daddy

Menu for yo daddy w/ commentary!  no pretty plates today, just ingredients. Rustic family style. fun.  Pork shoulder and fresh picked (from the trees or the ground) vegetables were the centers of attention.  Alice Waters would… Continue reading