Monthly Archive: June, 2012

Eat Fresh Meat

Fresh > Frozen. The opportunities are endless!!!!!!

Love of Food p 3

3 more reasons why I LOVE the Pursuit of Food!!! Tranquility… Insanity… Victory!!!!!!!!

Love of Food p 2

part 2 Boat – island – animals pretty much perfection personified: ocean, sky, sunset, and fresh yellowtail 😉 poor picture quality (screencaps from video) – filleting yellows Yellowtail, grouper

Love of Food p 1

First of 3 installments on why I love food People ask why do I love food so much, my first thoughts are we get 5 senses (I’m no Haley Joel Osment): SEE, Touch,… Continue reading

Best Quality ingredients

“if you’re not going to say it, i’ll say it, unfortunately the majority of the time they’re cooking to show you how smart they are or how pretty they can make a plate… Continue reading

Successful Hunt!!!!!!

3 months of complete FAILURE for wild boar hunting – missed opportunities, No opportunities, biffed opportunities, makes the Moment of success Sooo sweet. many plates of wild boar Ragu, Salami, Braised shoulders, Porchetta,… Continue reading