Monthly Archive: April, 2012

1 Fish 5 Dish

No writing just pictures! i take pictures while driving.  pictures are more important than your safety on the road! just kidding… no, i’m not kidding. You’re probably wondering what is the big deal… Continue reading

Wildboar Shoulder + menu for your daddy

Menu for yo daddy w/ commentary!  no pretty plates today, just ingredients. Rustic family style. fun.  Pork shoulder and fresh picked (from the trees or the ground) vegetables were the centers of attention.  Alice Waters would… Continue reading

Ito the Hunting dog (Video)

Hello, my name is Ito the Shiba Inu hunting dog. And this is my story of a random day of badassedness. Yo dog, Yes, I YAM handsome!  You like my fur?  That pickup… Continue reading

Knife inspired dinner

The other day I opened an egg and it had two yolks in it.  It could have been twinnie chickens but instead it became a high cholesterol scramble.  Like most of my posts,… Continue reading

More Boar food

Eating from Above Land, Underground(potatoes), Air and Sea! Earth’s bounty is amazing if you open your eyes and see for yourself!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 Homemade, handpicked, fished, and hunted! Homemade bomb (as in AMAZING, not… Continue reading

Boar, arrows, food

On camera the other day with a film crew, I shot a pig with a bow and arrow.  It was a heart shot that penetrated the belly of the pig and pierced perfectly… Continue reading