Monthly Archive: February, 2012

Get Hungray – some of my favorite Menus

The end of lobster season is mid-march, so you can bet there will be another HUGE dinner in the next few weeks… For now, I wanted to share some food and wine pairings… Continue reading

Pictures & Words

They say that a picture is worth a thousand words. But sometimes when I don’t have time for the camera, I still succumb to the beauty of nature, and just – Sit there.… Continue reading

Queue the music, it’s UNI tyme

I was never a picky eater growing up. I try different foods every day of the week and am no longer grossed out by chicken livers or veal brains, and one day I’ll… Continue reading

Fish are Food

The whole point of my getting fish is to use it in freshness and in health.  Vows of importance: do not freeze fish.  #fishsnobbery Here are some of the dishes made in the… Continue reading

Fishes for Grandpa

My good friend Keith said that he spent a half hour the other day watching my Youtube spearfishing videos, “back when [I] used to be good.”  I’m old. Washed up…slow reaction time now.… Continue reading

Would you like Pizza and a Duck?

(going out of order, part 3 of piggly wiggly hunt will come later) It was clear to me by the demeanor of the racist tow yard supervisor that he was either constipated or… Continue reading

The Making of LARDO from a Pig Hunt (part 2)

Hunting to me is Hiking – with weaponry & a purpose.  Though we celebrate the kill, the main purpose is not the killing for me, but the eating.  Whether bows & arrows, machetes,… Continue reading

The Making of LARDO from a Pig Hunt (part 1)

WARNING?  (Graphic pictures) You don’t need a warning. You already know what this blog is about.  Two cups of coffee, Nine shots of espresso, a six-pack of celebratory beer at 2pm, and now my… Continue reading


i see the light in the beautiful mornings, You are the light of the world